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by LongJohn Support •

Designing the Next Rugged, Tall Crew Neck Tee

Whether your tall men’s clothing leans a little Western, a little Americana, or another hardy direction, every tall man should have a rock-solid selection of rugged T-shirts to depend on. Like Johnny Cash, tall, rugged tees walk the line – between comfort and utility. Functional, sturdy tees – like the ones hand-crafted at LongJohn and Sons – that last forever, don’t cost a fortune, and never go out of style. You know, like they used to make things. Just ask dad.That’s why the LongJohn and Sons team has laboured to design a line of tall crew neck tees that fit perfectly, and get the job done. Genuine, simple tees that’ll work as hard as you do. You can always fall back to these men's crew neck tee shirts when you need to throw on something comfortable for the scenic, early morning drive to work, when you’re helping a few buddies with some weekend yard work under the midday heat, or during those breezy evenings on the porch watching the sun set. What is the purpose of rugged T-shirts?We’ve hand-crafted our rugged t-shirts to be that one, timeless closet staple that’ll be your default choice for everything. Rugged enough for work, confident enough for a date, iconic enough to endure the next decade of fickle tall men’s clothing trends. The type of shirt you can climb mountains in. Most importantly, we wanted to design t-shirts, and tall rugged clothes in general, that embody and reflect your persona. Honest. Genuine. Determined. Similar to a good Clint Eastwood role, our shirts won’t say much, but their performance will leave a lasting impression. What is a classic T-shirt?A classic t-shirt focuses on comfort, without being baggy. Men’s classic t-shirts can be characterized by the straight cut throughout the chest and waist, and a broader cut across the shoulders and sleeves. This creates a clean, confident aesthetic – especially for taller men. Comparatively, regular fit t-shirts hug slightly closer to the body, while maintaining a good amount of room for comfort. It’s a looser fit with larger armholes. Slim fit tees feature a narrow cut that hugs tighter, and the tee tends to slim down through the chest and shoulder, accentuating those features. Each tall crew neck tee crafted at LongJohn and Sons is a classic fit. We’re not reinventing the wheel here; we want to make the best tall rugged clothes for men possible. It’s hard to beat a classic.   How can you tell what’re quality tees? A good tee with a number of modern, quality of life features is hard to find.What do we think makes for a quality tee? Well, we’ve done our best to implement subtle features in each tall crew neck tee that we think are essential in a hardworking t-shirt, some of which can be seen, and some you just have to feel.For example, our tall tees are crafted from 170 GSM medium weight (you can learn how GSM affects fabric quality here), for the perfect tee fabric that balances a soft hand feel with a worn appearance that’ll never fade. Self-taped neck and a 1x1 ribbed collar, for added satisfaction. And double needle stitches on sleeves and bottom hem, meaning they’re built Ford-tough. Finally, we wanted our rugged tees to be year-round attire. A good tee is four-season wear, in our opinion. It should endure the elements like you do – you rarely take a day off, and neither should your rugged tees. Tall rugged tees are all you’ll ever need. Comfortable enough for any season, and hardy enough to last to the next one. Check out our selection of rugged tees online, now in seven colors.