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Who we are, and why we're here.

by LongJohn Support |

A lot has changed in the last few years. 

Not long ago, if you needed a shirt, you’d drive to a local shop and choose from the shirts they had on hand. It was a tough pill to swallow for tall guys. Because there aren’t so many of us, and nobody stocks on our account.

The world’s a lot smaller than it used to be, though, and that’s changed things.  You can order a shirt from Portland or from Pittsburgh, and within a few weeks it’ll show up at your doorstep. You might say that the world became local, and maybe that means good things for guys like us.

A few of us have been crafting clothing for decades. And as we watched the landscape change, we started asking questions. After a few conversations and at least as many drinks, we found our way to LongJohn & Sons.

The world is full of tall guys, and there’s no reason they can’t wear classic styles that fit perfectly. Tall classics are what we’re good at — tall shirts like they used to make, tall jeans that’ll make you proud, tall jackets and tall tees and tall sweaters without compromise. Tall clothing we’re proud of, and tall clothing we think you’ll like.

It seemed like a good idea, so we got to work. Explore our collection and you’ll find the result of many months of hard work, informed by many years of experience. Tall classics, crafted from materials we’re proud of, cut to your shape. We think they’re worth a shot, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased.