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Why Tall Clothes Matter — A Tall Guy's Take

by LongJohn Support |

I’ve been tall since I can remember. 

People tell stories about that summer their son grew six inches. Average height, and then one day, like magic, he’s head and shoulders above his peers. Sure, that happens sometimes, but that wasn’t my story. I’ve always walked tall, so to speak, and that sort of thing has consequences.

When I was young, adults always assumed I was older than I was. I picked up my first summer job when I was fourteen, because the local grocer didn’t think twice and didn’t happen to know my folks. And I was always the first choice in pickup basketball. But at the time, I think I would have traded it all for clothes that fit.

See, here’s the thing about tall clothes. You grow up about nine inches taller than your buddies, it’s okay for a while. You just wear clothes made for older kids. But there’s a point when older kids stop growing. After that, sleeves aren’t long enough, jeans aren’t long enough, you can’t find a jacket to save your life. So you wear what you can find, social consequences be damned.

I’ve always felt that height was something to be proud of. It’s what I was taught since I was a boy — stand tall, be yourself, walk with distinction. But if you’re forced to wear clothes stitched for guys half your height and twice your width, that’s the sort of distinction you stay away from. 

I guess my point is this: you can’t be yourself if you’re dressing like someone else. Tall men should wear tall clothes, because standing tall is a privilege given to few. You shouldn’t waste it, and you don’t have to anymore.

LongJohn & Sons was created to craft tall classics as distinctive as you are. Tall shirts you can wear with pride, tall jeans stitched to fit you perfectly, tall sweaters and tall tees and tall pants for tall guys just like you. So you can stand tall, so you can  walk with distinction.